Our Approach to Probate

What exactly is probate? The term probate is used to describe the legal process that manages the assets and liabilities left behind by a recently deceased person. The role of the probate court is to make sure that a deceased person’s debts are paid, and assets are distributed to the correct beneficiaries. Probate covers the overall legal process of dealing with a deceased person’s assets and debt, the court that manages the process, and the actual distribution of assets itself.

When someone dies, the assets they own in their role name only are essentially locked. Probate is the key that unlocks the assets so that they may transfer to the heirs. If you have a will, probate is necessary to activate your will. If you die without a will (or other estate planning), the state imposes a will upon your estate (referred to as dying “intestate”).

At Stier, we recognize that probate, while often avoidable, is sometimes necessary. With compassion and years of experience, we help our clients navigate the legal process probate requires.

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